Toad for SAP opens new versions on the server


we’re using Toad for SAP and every time someone connects to our servers using toad it opens a new version on the SYBASE IQ server.

this version will be open until the user CLOSES toad or disconnects from the server. -this behavior causes us to have lots of unneeded version on the server.

is it possible to disable this behavior?

there was a way to disable it when using ODBC connections, but as far as i know Toad is using .net connections.

Thanks for the help!


I am not sure what exactly you mean by “new version” and what parameter are you referring to. You are right that in Toad we are using .NET client from SAP for connection but if you know parameter name which have to be set in ODBC then I can verify it in .NET client.

For now you are able set only parameters which are in our connection dialog.