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Toad for SAP Solutions Beta - Connection problems


I have just started using the Beta version (have license for 2.1). I have lately discovered that Toad (both the 2.1 and the latest beta) does not allows manage to connect.

I frequently connect over a vpn line as well as from the office and I know that they have recently changed the whole network infrastructure.

We use OpenClient 12.0 (at least that’s the sql.ini file being used) and I try to connect to our database which is listed as, 6060, urgent

I frequently get the message: Database Error: There is no server listening at

Then I open BMC SQL-Programmer Expert 18.5 and open the exact same connection as defined in the same sql.ini file and it connects immediately. This leads me to think that Toad handles the dns’s differently than SQL-Programmer does. Toad 2.1 simply tries for 15 seconds and then gives the message: “Client unable to establish connection”

This is the same for all my connections to dev, test and production environments.

The environments are Sybase ASE 15.0.3 to Sybase ASE 15.7 on Sun Solaris 10.

The windows host file on my work laptop is empty (default).

Since one application manages to connect fine where as the other doesn’t I am suspect that Toad handles the connection differently. Do Toad require IP-addresses and/or local dns translations?

Thanks in advance!


Kjartan M-S

Hi KjartanMS,

Both IP address and DNS name should work in Toad.

I’m not sure, how the Open Client exactly works, but I would suggest you to check the connection properties in Toad once again or to create the connection from start again.

I guess, that you tried to ping the and you got correct IP address, didn’t you?



Thanks for the reply

I have just replaced the sql.ini entry with IP address and then created a new Connection in Toad. This works and I am able to connect fine, managed to do so from home network as well as from the Office now.

If I use the dns name it does not always connect and in many cases it just list the error saying it doesn’t find any database listening.

Both from my home network and from the office it is possible to ping the dns name and get a reply (from correct IP).

I have now replaced the sql.ini entry with dns name again and also updated the host file on Windows and rebooted. The test here will be if it still works from the home network (over vpn). It currently works fine from the Office (but then it has done so intermittently over the past couple of months)


Kjartan M-S

I have updated the host file on my windows laptop with the correct dns names for all environments and after a restart this seems to be working. Now I can connect when the sql.ini file contains hostnames.

Before that I needed to update the sql.ini file which openClient uses to have IP-addresses instead of hostnames.

As a sidenote I also found out that this holds true for Oracle SQL Developer as well. It require IP addresses as long as the local host file does not contain the dns entires.

What is interesting is that some programs require dns entries in the host file or otherwise the connection string must contain IP-addresses while others don’t and they use the same openClient (or oracle client).

BMC SQL-Programmer Expert 18.x for instance does manage to use the dns names directly without having entries in the local host file.