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Toad for SAP Solutions Beta - When will we see the Schema Comparison?

I’ve downloaded, installed and launched the new beta. So far the Data Comparison looks good. When do you think the Schema Comparison will be available? I understand that it was being refactored, and that the effort was fairly extensive. We are going into production with HANA this summer and would really like to get this tool (with the schema compare) into our development processes. Thanks!

Hi, Nancy.

Unfortunately I don’t have good news to deliver for this feature. Creating a schema compare for HANA turned out to be a much bigger project than I had originally understood. As such, we had to pull it from the roadmap for the v3.1 release. My sincere apologies for setting you up with a false expectation on when it would be available. When we spoke I truly thought we would be able to deliver it in the 3.1 release. This is still among my top features that I want to see added to Toad, but at this point I don’t have a version or delivery date that I can give you at this time.


Hi Steve,

I understand from experience how big projects can go. I was thinking of ways to still be able to use this tool to possibly generate a table/column report for two schemas and compare the reports. I haven’t explored that yet, but will be trying it out. It might be a good work around for us until the feature is available in the product. BTW - I did also download Data Point 3.8 and was able to successfully compare data between Oracle and HANA. FABULOUS!



I wonder if the the Query Multiple databases feature can help? You can query across multiple databases and compare the results in the same grid. This would only work with querying Hana to Hana. You mention comparing Data between Oracle and Hana. i didn’t think we were considering a cross-platform schema compare. That is very different than just adding Schema Compare to Hana.

Hi Debbie,

The comment about comparing Oracle to HANA goes back to an old discussion I had with Steve and others about our particular need to support multiple platforms as well as being able to perform Data Comparisons and Schema Comparisons regardless of the source and target platforms. Since we port our master data from Oracle into HANA, we will be using Toad’s Data Point 3.8 to validate that step in our process.

For the purpose of the Toad for SAP Solutions beta, I realize that we are only talking about the ability to perform schema comparisons between two HANA schemas. We already use Red Gate for comparing two Oracle schemas, so we are looking to duplicate that particular step in our process for HANA - to compare two HANA schemas.

I do like your suggestion about the query multiple databases feature. I will try that.