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TOAD for SAP Solutions is not installing.

I have downloaded Toad_for_SAP_Solutions_3.0.0.129.exe But this is not installing. When I run this exe, there is no action. I have downloaded again and again. But none of the downloads worked.

I am not sure what the issue is. Please direct me to some working copy of TOAD for Sybase.

Hello dhanemkula.srinivas,

The Toad_for_SAP_Solutions_3.0.0.129.exe installer works for me without any problems.

Have you tried to change the User Account Control settings?…/what-are-user-account-control-settings

If you have the UAC notification enabled the system should ask if you want to allow the application to do the installation. I guess this might be the problematic part of the installation.


Is this from the freeware download page or a commercial version from SupportLink? If from the freeware page, you should have a ZIP file that contains the exe. The zip file size should be 96,502,857. The exe within the zip should be 94,446 KB. Might want to double check that you don’t have a corrupted/incomplete download even though you’ve tried multiple times.