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Toad for SQL Server Beta expired

Last TOAD for SQL Server was expired.

Do you plan to release a new Beta of TOAD for SQL Server before the official release ?

I stay tune for your answer.

Best regards,



Can you please tell us when you are going to release a new Beta of TOAD for SQL Server?

TOAD for SQL Server expired?

What can i do now???

Thought I heard that 6.6 is releasing this week. Thus there may not be another beta until they’re ready to stand up code for the next release.

Beta versions don’t always run 24/7/365 :wink:

Hi rwilkinson,

I don’t know when TOAD SS 6.6 will be available.

Today Kelly post a link for a new Beta of TOAD 6.6.

You can download it from…/default.aspx .

Best regards,