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Toad for SQL Server Beta is now available!


Toad for SQL Server Beta is now available!

Download Link:

Any suggestion or feedback are welcomed. We’ll try our best to improve it.

Here is the list of fixed issues:

==ID==== ==============================Description===============================================
TSS-452 Code Completion shows incorrect when type "inner join.. on... "
TSS-284 A new option Clear messages before executing a statement is added to Options|Editor|Tools
TSS-1144 Show connection category color in Object Explorer
TSS-795 Multiple Excel Instances Available dialog - make wider TSS-1225 chema comparison doesn't handle CONVERT() in computed columns correctly
TSS-1227 Remove dashboard in top tool bar


TSS Team

Are they the only bugs to be fixed in 6.7 or are they just the new bugs fixed in the 112 beta?