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Toad for SQL Server Beta is now available!



Toad for SQL Server Beta is now available!

Download Link:

Any suggestion or feedback are welcomed. We’ll try our best to improve it.

Here is the list of fixed issues:

–Number-- -------------------------------Description--------------------------------------------------------
TSS-1184 TSS Crash after unpin the connection manger then try to close object explorer
TSS-1214 [TFS]Toad show exception when select version Control Folder
TSS-1206 Schema Compare Generate script add Foreign Constrain Twice.
TSS-1207 Schema Compare Generate Syn script try to add multiple default Constraints
TSS-1124 Sync user to generate script get exception
TSS-1128 Can’t change schema compare again if I changed the comparison options
TSS-1189 Print in Server Compare Tab cause exception
TSS-796 View job History click refresh button twice, toad will show exception
TSS-1200 Alter columns datatype or table properties generated scripts failed.
TSS-144 When creating indexes from the details view of a table, very often the index creating dialog hangs forever.
TSS-1147 Collation conflict error occurs when view details of database
TSS-1115 Enable Table Creation SQL before insert data, the generate script only show the table script ,it lost insert statements
TSS-1129 View Details for user-defined table type, toad will show exception.


TSS Team