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Toad for SQL Server Beta - Formatter options


Dear Support,

I attach a screenshot of Formatter options dialog window.


As you can see this window is not more useable/readeable.

Can you try to do something on it and make this dialog more useable and readeable.

I press on the tree view - Sql Server Formatter Options - and sometime doesn’t change.

I can’t read correctly option on right side, and so on…

I stay tune for your consideration,

Best regards,



Dear Sergio,

Thank you very much for your feedback. I reproduce the issue for tree view doesn’t work sometime. And I create task TSS-813 for this.

For the dialog unreadable, I can’t reproduce this. I even cannot make the horizontal scroll bar show up, so I can’t try. Do you mean that even you drag the scroll bar you still cannot read the correctly option?

Best Regards,



Could you please clarify what exactly is not working? The horizontal scrollbar? Or would you like to see the whole pane without scrollbar? Please tell us.




Hi Kelly,Andre

many thank’s for the task TSS-813.

The only seriuos problem in this dialog is on the tree view. I select voice in the tree view and not every time the voices are selected correctly.

In the right side, like you can see in my screenshot the options are not correctly visible.

Probably it’s better if the dialog must be resizable. In this mode I can resize the dialog without every time scroll up and down or left right to see the options correctly.

That’s all.

Best regards,