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Toad for SQL Server Beta - Problem in data generator


I want to test new feature of Data generator.

I run TOAD and without connect to any SQL Server I select - File - NEW - Data Generator.

I select my SQL Server and DB and at the end I press connect.

I obtain a screenshot in attach :


At this point I press OK button on these 3 GPF Windows to close it.

After this I try to generate data for a table of a DB but I understand how to do this.

Can someone at Dell load a video to show how to use new feature of Data Generator ?

I think this can hepfull for many users.

I stay tune for your answer,

Best regards,



Hi Sergio,

Thank you very much to try the new feature. Our developer is improving this for datetime type data. So it may still has some problem of it like you see.

Our team is also preparing for the video. Thank you for your proposition.

Best Regards,



Dear Kelly,

many thank’s for your support.

I stay tune for a video to see how use new feature.

Best regards,