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Toad for SQL Server Beta - backup device


I use backup device in my SQL Server to backup a DB.

In SSMS I see backup device node and I can create a new backup device and use it in my backup procedure, but in TOAD SS 6.6 beta and TOAD 6.5 Xpert edition I can’t see it…

I can create a new backup device only when I backup a DB. See my screenshot for detail :


Have you some idea about this ?

Best regards,



Hi Sergio,

I can reproduce this issue only when I create a new device in SSMS , then open toad “Select Backup Destination”, I can’t see the new created device nodes.

But if I reconnect and re-open “Select Backup Destination”, the problems resolved.

Create device in toad will not cause this issue.

Did you get the same situation with me?




Hi Cathy,

many thank’s for your answer.

Yes. I have same situation like you.

Best regards,



Hi Sergio,

I’ve create TSS-973 for it. We will try to fix it in the future TSS version.