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Toad for SQL Server Beta bug: Connection manager color schemes do not change

This was raised when TSQL 6.5 came out and it still seems to be a problem here. It was working in TSQL 6.1 and before.

The color scheme placed on a connection (say RED) stays that way when changing to another connection with a different color.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Create two database connections

  2. Assign a different colour to each

  3. Close all connections (or even exit TSQL entirely)

  4. Start TSQL again

  5. Open one connection

  6. Double-click on a new connection

  7. The colour scheme (background) of the first connection still persists onto the 2nd database connection.

As I said, this used to work and it’s a nice feature to quickly see which database you’re connected to. It’s now paramount for us because the new interface does not show the drop-down field box showing the currently connected database, which is important for us.