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Toad for SQL Server Beta bug: Connection manager does not change the database dropdown to match


Similar to my bug with the color schemes earlier…

When switching between production and development databases, and creating new Editor windows, the editor defaults the database connection to the same database opened earlier.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Disconnect/close all connections

  2. Make sure you have 2 or more database connections

  3. Double-click on one database connection (production database for example)

  4. Press CTRL-N to open a new Editor window

  5. The dropdown database should point to the production database

  6. Double-click on another database connection

  7. Press CTRL-N again to open a new editor window

  8. The dropdown database list is still defaulting to the FIRST database in step 3!

A very dangerous bug if you ask me!


The only way around this is to set the Database to automatically open an Editor window, via the Options.

Options -> Database -> Open Editor on Startup.

It should work regardless of that option. CTRL-N to open a new Editor should always default to the currently active and open database.


Hi ,

I was unable to reproduce this issue, Could you provide the vedio to me? My E-mail Address:

I wonder if there are something different between us.

Thanks for your feedback!



Cathy, did you do EXACTLY the steps I mentioned above?


Yes, I did.


Hi Cathy, here are screen shots in sequence showing you the bug… It seems that when switching between Database Connections, the OBJECT explorer is not updating to the most recent connection. In the hands of junior developers that may not notice this, it is quite dangerous, especially with UPDATE or even DELETE statements because they could accidentally corrupt our production database!

This is NOT an issue with Toad 6.1. Please fix.





I think in hindsight, the bug is purely with Object Explorer. The OE should change with the connection that is currently selected from the connection manager. That is the problem. Thanks



Yes, Thank you very much for you info. I can reproduce this issue now. And I create TSS-987 for it and I will keep this update.

Best Regards,