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Toad for SQL Server Beta - GPF when crete a Full Text Catalog

Last BETA version of TOAD SS 6.6. I use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 developer edition with service pack 2.

I connect to a DB and I try to create a new Full Text Catalog on a table of this DB.

See my screenshot in attach for details :

I can't create a Full Text Catalog . Every time I press OK button I obtain a GPF.

I can only press cancel button and this doesn't create a catalog.

I stay tune or your consideration.

Best regards,


Hi Sergio,

Thank you. I have reproduce this issue and create TSS-1034 for this.

For now, if we add name for Population Schedule, we can add Full Text Catalog without exception.

Hope this can help.

Best Regards,


Hi Kelly,

many thank’s for your support.

OK. For now I add name for Population Schedule.

This help me surely.

Best regards,