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Toad for SQL Server Beta - suggestion on Object Explorer

Last Beta verison of TOAD SS.

I attach a screenshot to show you my little and annoyng problem...

See details of tables select of the bottom of the window. As you can see isn't readable.

Every time I select a table I must to select - apply best fit - to the grid to show something that I can use/read.

For the feature is possible to apply best fit automatically every time user select a table or others objects, for example views,etc,etc,... ?

I stay tune for your consideration.

Best regards,


Hi Sergio,

Sorry for you inconvenience. I create TSS-1113 for this and discuss about this.

Thank you.


Hi Kelly,

many thank’s for your support and for TSS-1113.

I stay tune for your consideration after discuss about this with your colleague.

Best regards,