Toad for Sybase 1.4 has been released!

I am pleased to announce that Toad for Sybase 1.4 has been released.

A copy of the Freeware edition can be obtained from here:

Commercial packages and trials can be downloaded from here:

Finally the release notes can be found here:

As always, all comments and/or suggestions are always welcome and can be posted on this forum.

Thanks to everyone who participated in making 1.4 what it is today!

Congratulations to your team for this new release!

Is the “query plan visualization” a licensed option or this is supposed to work on the freeware version?


Hello VinceR,

For Sybase ASE the “query plan visualization” is included in the freeware version.

Thanks MichaelG!

Unfortunately with the new freeware version 1.4, I am still experiencing issues with the Query Plan Visualization.

  1. If I run the following, the Query plan works = it is visible in the tab “Query Plan”
    declare @num1 numeric(11, 2), @num2 numeric(12,2)
    select @num1 = 5.5, @num2 = 10.0
    select @num1 * @num2
    select sum(@num1 * @num2)

  2. If I run “select top 10 * from Account” in my database, the Query plan tab is blank

  3. If I run stored procedures with or without EXEC, the Query plans tab is blank

Am I doing something wrong?
My tests were done with ASE15.5 ESD5.2 (compatibiliy mode on) and ASE15.7 ESD#3 (compatibility mode off).


Hello VinceR,

We have been able to reproduce similar issues on one of our test servers. We are currently looking into it and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hello MichaelG,

Do you have any updates on this issue?