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Toad for Sybase- The Freeware Period has expired

I and a few others have Toad for Sybase Xpert Edition 2.1.1. Over the past month or two each of us has gotten a message saying the “Freeware period has expired. Please visit Quest’s website to download the latest version.” At this point we need to stay on this version and the only workaround I found was recreating my user profile and installing again. Is there a better solution to reinstall Sybase Expert Edition 2.1.1 and not get this message. Severely impacting performance.

Hi, MrianBiller.

Unfortunately all of the Toad freeware contain logic to expire after 1 year. The idea was to promote keeping users current. To be honest, I was not aware of your workaround. I think you’ve already found the only hole :).

Why do you specifically need the v2.1.1 version? Is there something in the newer Toad for SAP Solutions 3.0 freeware that’s not working?



Do you have a valid Xpert key? If so please open a cmd command window, go to where toad is installed and run the following command

toad.exe --debuglog=c:\tem\log.txt

Please email the log.txt file to for further investigation.


Thank you both. Upgraded to Toad for Sap 3.1 and successfully ran the same queries. Will advise the other members of my team to do so now. Thanks again for your replies.