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Toad for Sybase - Trying to create connection


I am trying to create a connection using Sybase SQL Anywhere. I put the following information in the window. Host: IP of my laptop, Port: 5000 (default), User: user for db, password: password for user, Server: (my computer name) and Database: odysseyvmp (name of database).

When I click the connect button I receive the following error: Database server not found. I have tried putting different things in the conneciton and still nothing. I get this error.

Am I doing something wrong?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Valerie Pizzino


Hello Valerie,

The default port should actually be 2638 and it will be changed in an upcoming release.

If you don’t supply a server name when starting the network server, I believe the default is _.

Also if you have access to the network server UI you can pull most of the information from there. See image.

Let me know if that helps.



Ok I have tried your adivse but still getting an error trying to connect to my DB. I have attached a word document with screen shots of my Create New Connection screen and the error I am getting. Any thoughts on how I can get this connected to my SQL Anywhere 11 database for Sybase?

thank you,
ToadSybase.docx (65.1 KB)