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Toad for Sybase v1.0 Beta is out!


Im pleased to announce the first beta of Toad for Sybase 1.0 is available for immediate download.

The release notes can be found here:


I had recently install the beta but until now was impossible to me to get a succesfull connection.

I had installed ASE 12.5.2 , ASE ODBC and SYBASE Client but all the intents fails.

Do I need to have ASE Client 10.0?

Also when I am using the Help I found

under Tools/Options/Database/Oracle set the ODBC What thats means?

I did all the connections through SQL Advantage and SQL Central Java without problem.

Any help will be great.


The beta ships with the latest ADO.NET driver so there is no need to install a client.

What error do you get when trying to connect?


Unable to establish a connection.

I have ASE 12.5.4 on WIndows 7 32 bits.

Best Regards


Database Error

Client unable to establish a connection

The ASE version is 12.5.2 GA

Sorry for the last message with wrong info.


When connecting via Sybase Central do you use a interface file (SQL.ini) or do you enter the server name and port directly?


I have the server list and in the options the default port 5000.

So I asume thaht the sql.ini is being used.


Toad does not currently make use of the SQL.ini file.

Try looking in the SQL.ini file for the SERVERNAME that you are trying to connect to and try using the HOSTNAME in the connection properties dialog.

Sample - SQL.INI:
query tcp ether HOSTNAME PORT
master tcp ether HOSTNAME PORT


The same result


I was trying first with NVTPC and after your recomendationn NVT-PC
but the client unable to establish a connection.


It seems strange that you can connect with Sybase Central but not Toad from the same machine. I assume you can ping NVT-PC from the command line. Also can you send me a screen shot of your connection properties to:



To answer your question about the Oracle ODBC reference in the online help, that’s a mistake on my part that will be fixed in the next beta. The content of the help file is used for some of our other Toad products, and I missed removing this topic from the Sybase content.

Thanks again, and please let me know if you have other comments/suggestions for the help,


If you need to grant a role to a login
the only way is

grant role <role_name> to

Could be possible to alter login?

and also in the Properties to know the roles assigned

exec sp_displayroles




This will be added in the next beta.