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Toad for Sybase v2.1 is Generally Available

We are pleased to announce the release of Toad for Sybase v2.1. This new version is now available for customers to download at SupportLink and for trial download.

This new release contains a number of fixes for reported issues as well as enhancements to the following areas:

  • Toad for Sybase now supports Kerberos authentication for Sybase ASE.
  • Toad now allows you to search through the script not only in the Editor window but also in SQL Script page of object’s DOE (Database Object Editor) and Script tab in the object’s DOV (Database Object Viewer). This feature can be handy when reviewing large automatically created DDL scripts.
  • The Generate SQL | statement/script sub-menu now has a new option, Append To Editor. Use this command to add the generated SQL statement or script to the Editor at the location of your cursor within the Editor pane.
  • Toad now gives you the ability to export, print and save pivot grids.
  • Editor automatically checks syntax when opening a script, executing current statement (F9), checking syntax, changing database in the Editor or refreshing the Script Map. The syntax errors are listed in the Messages tab in the Script Results pane.
  • Many new enhancements to Automation variables. Automation variables are now more flexible and easier to use. Toad for Sybase has expanded the number of places you can use variables in an Automation script.
    A full list of new enhancements and resolved issued can be found in the release notes

I got the new release today. Glad to see improvements to the ‘Create Procedure’ and ‘Create Event’ menu items. However, initial testing of Autocomplete did not show an improvement of showing local @variables. The freeware Sql Server does it, so why can’t the NotFree Sybase version do the same? Picture is from SQL Server version.


Hello lmolter,

The reason is that the TSQL parsing logic for all Sybase platforms is not the same as SQL Server. We did end up fixing this error however the change did not make it into the release build. You will see it in the next beta release cycle.


Ok. I was just curious if it fell through a crack. Don’t forget to email me when the next beta cycle starts. I had a good time on the last one.