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Toad For Sybase V2 Printing to results tab instead of messages

Hi Guys,

I’ve just changed from version 1 to version 2 of Toad for Sybase and found a rather annoying new quirk with V2. For some reason any print output goes to the results tab as well as the messages tab. I’ve looked through the options and cannot see anywhere to switch this off, is there away to stop it outputing anything except results from select statements only in the results tab.

Kind Regards


I agree with Glyn, this is a different behavior from the version 1 and is quite annoying.

Example : I have a stored proc that outputs some debug messages (sometimes hundreds) and at the same time it sends some debug result sets. It becomes very time consuming to navigate through results sets tab to separate print and result sets.

I do see the same print messages under the messages tab.

It would be great if this behavior could be adjusted via some setting in the Options.

Thanks for a great product, though!

Hello all,

I created TSY-495 so we can add an option that will allow you to change this behavior.


Thanks a lot , Michael.

Brilliant, thanks Michael. :slight_smile: