Toad freeware installation, but cannot put server name


I have installed TOADD freeware for sybase, however, I cannot put my server name because it says Server: USER DEFINED and no options to change.

Could you please let me know how can I put my server name instead USER DEFINED? I cannot establish connection.



Hello digioleg,

Toad looks for a interface file using the SYBASE environment variable. If it cannot find one then the dropdown will be disabled. This is more of a convenience feature as it pulls host name and port from this file and populates the values for you. You should still be able to connect by manually filing out the host and port sections.

Let me know if that helps.


That is a problem that when I put host and port manually it cannot establish connection. Is theer any way to escape interfaces file?

Where interfaces file should be: UNIX or Windows?

Also problem is that we don’t have sql.ini and/or interfaces files. We set up everything in another way to have only server, host and port to put to profile of our client