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Toad hangs with Netezza connection


I’ve been encountering fairly random hangs with Netezza. They seem to come in bunches, one day I’ll go through the entire day without a hang, and the next (today, for example), I’ll hang Toad 5 or 6 times in the space of 3 or 4 hours. There does seem to be a pattern to how the symptom will appear:

I’ll typically have 3 or 4 tabs all connected to the same instance (usually connected to different databases). I often will have run the query at least once. I’ll execute the query again, and I won’t see evidence that the query has executed. The “execute the current statement” button will not change to a red dot. Background processes will not show anything executing. Toad is responsive enough that I can copy the current query to the clipboard. If I click on anything, however, it will appear that Toad is hung. If I use Task Manager to try to close Toad, it will cause toad to display the “Save Changes To the Selected Items” dialog, but the dialog is unresponsive. The funny thing is that if I cancel out of Task Manger, then invoke it again and try to close toad again, I’ll get the same dialog, partially overlapping the previous dialog. However, none of this will do anything. I have to kill Toad, restart it and rely on recovery to get my files back.