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Toad Insight - ArgumentOutOfRangeException


If you accidentally type a dot instead of a comma after an object name then an
alias, then another dot, when the drop down list appears, you get a

startIndex cannot be larger than length of string.

Parameter name: startIndex

STEPS to reproduce on AdventureWorks:

Type: SELECT c.CustomerID FROM Sales.Customer c

Then go back and after the CustomerID and instead of putting a comma then c. put
dot then c. like this:

Type: SELECT c.CustomerID . c. FROM Sales.Customer c

As soon as you type the . after the c you get the error.




Darren, thanks for the report. I can reproduce this on 418 build on my side as
well. But this work fine on my current internal build on the same machine. It
seems to be fixed for now… Will take a look further before the next beta


Alexander Maximov