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Toad Insight Drop Down UI Broken - Shows Left Justified on my screen small box

My screen resolution on my Dell M3800 is 3200x1800

To make this resolution usable, I've got my screen DPI settings set to the "middle" of the range which I think works out to 150 dpi.

On Toad 6.1 if I type SELECT * FROM

The toad insight list of fields appears in the correct location.

With the Toad build, the toad insight field list appears as a tiny square left-justified on the screen.
(Basically making the feature almost unusable).

Please fix this ASAP!

Bug #2 - If you try to resize the Toad Insight box (moving your cursor to the bottom right changes to a resizing double-arrow) you can drag the box wider / taller and show extra data. But as soon as you let go of the button, instead of remaining the new size, the box immediately shrinks back down to this unusable small size.