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Toad Insight for Update Statements - Progress

Glad to see that some parts of Toad Insight are working for update statements, but noticed that it doesn't show up in the Joins yet.

for example:

Hello Darren,

Did you tried on the TSS 6.5 later or latest 6.6 Beta? We have fix this issue ,I can’t reproduce it.Here is my screenshot.

Can you check again? If still can reproduce could you provide me more details? (like table structure,complete SQL Script)



On build

Keying this SQL Statement:

UPDATE iu SET UOMQuantity = 0 FROM [Inventory UOM] iu INNER JOIN Inventory i ON i.

does not display a list of fields in my inventory table aliased with "i".

Had I keyed this as a select statement instead not only would I get a list of fields, but it would have also correctly identified the possible join:

It did however show the list of tables after writing "INNER JOIN".

It still does not suggest possible column names to update from the columns that are listed in the FROM clause of the update statement:

Hi Darren,

Yes, I reproduce this. And I create TSS-755 for this. Thank you!

Best Regards,