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Toad Insight / Intellisense not working in CASE Statements?

Why doesn’t Toad Insight (the Intellisense feature that gives you column names) work inside of a case statement?

Here’s an example:


Case ISNULL(ih.FreightBillingAddressToUse, ‘Customer Bill To’)
WHEN ‘Specific Address’ THEN ih.FreightBillingCountry
WHEN ‘Customer Ship To’ THEN ih. --<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Right here – why don’t I get a list of columns after typing the dot?
ELSE ih.Country --Customer Bill To
END as FreightBillingCountry
, ih. — <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< but here, I do get a list of columns after typing the dot?
FROM [Invoice Header] AS ih
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.[Shipping Methods] AS sm
ON ih.[Ship Via] = sm.Description
LEFT JOIN AddressValidationCountry c ON ih.[Ship Country] = c.Country

(This was on build

Hello Darren,

Actually CASE expression is still not supported in Toad Code Completion. We have already CR#99752 about this issue. It should be implemented in TSS 6.1.

Thanks for your report and sorry for inconvinience.

Regards, Julia