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Toad Insight: Postive feedback for a change :) Liking the auto-suggested Join "ON" statement feature


Today I was working on a particularly complicated SQL Statement with a lot of
nested sub-queries.

I found myself having to add another criterion to the ON statement of joins for
all the subqueries.

I was delighted to discover that every possible join to this table was
automatically identified by Toad Insight, and as it turns out the one I happened
to need was the first one in the list, so all I had to do was hit tab and it
wrote out the long SQL Statement for me:

Now that was a significant time saver.

Also, now that the feature seems to be back to being stable, I really do like
the enhancements such as showing the data types of the fields we’re
linking to, and things like this working as intended.




Thanks Darren,

I know especially the first beta had a LOT of issues in it in regards to code
completion (More or less expected since I really was right in the middle of a
list of about 20 separate improvements when it was built). But now things should
be settling down and even though there still are a few issues left we should
have them fixed by the 5.5 release.

Btw, have you seen the new code completion you get after the ‘=’ in a where/on
clause? It now only gives you columns from the other tables and it will list the
columns with the correct data type first, it will also give you a list of 20
sample values from the column on the right.