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TOAD Integration with Visual Studio 2010


I’m sure everyone know that Visual Studio 2010 has been released and it
has incorporated the previously known as “data dude” into every sku
for Visual Studio. This is a great tool for database developers to be able to
ensure that their database works and to give them all the tools for refactoring,
unit testing, etc. However you still have to write SQL code by hand for
tables, stored procedures, etc. So what I find myself doing is going in to
TOAD using the great GUI’s TOAD has, then copying the output into Visual
Studio to do the creation scripts. It would be AWESOME, if I had the power of
TOAD in visual studio 2010. With MEF, the extensibility of Visual Studio is
huge. I’d love to be able to use TOAD to right click on a table, stored
procedure, etc and had a TOAD menu to create, edit, etc tables and stored
procedures using the great GUI’s we have come to know and love from TOAD.
I think this would be a HUGE tool for developers who want to use visual studio
to manage their database projects but like to use a more friendly GUI like TOAD
provides (I personally hate writing SQL now that TOAD does a lot of it for me).
You guys already have a great Oracle plugin for data dude in VS, so I think
this would position you guys as a huge tool and contender for people doing
database development.

Thanks and keep up the great work,

Charles Haines
Code Monkey

Recorded Books, LLC