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Toad is running in virtual mode?

My TOAD Freeware version expired, and I've switched to my subscription version. I uninstalled the Freeware. When I start TOAD is says it's running in virtual mode - I didn't specify this? How do I get out of it?

Hi Tracey,

Check to make sure you don't have any lingering Toad processes in Task Manager. My suspicion is that you have an extra version of Toad which is either running in the background or hasn't finished shutting down. Toad Subscription will start in virtual mode if more than one copy of Toad is running to prevent user files from stepping on each other.

Let us know if this helps. I hope you have a great week!


Hi John, thanks for the reply! I uninstalled the old version but yes, there was a process still going in the background. I killed it and TOAD works as expected now.

Many thanks,