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Toad lose Tfs defintions



We use Tfs 2017 with 2 databases - prod and dev.
In the prod db Tfs always works.
In the dev db in several cases toad lose the ability to login to Tfs.

The last case was like this:

  1. I uninstalled toad 13.0 (On Windows 10)
  2. I installed toad 13.1
  3. Prod database works fine with Tfs.
  4. Dev database can’t login Tfs.
  5. I saw that the keys in file Tfs.ini have no values. I put in the values there (like the name of the Tfs server ext.) and after that dev db was able to connect Tfs too.

My questions are:
Where Toad keep the definitions of the tfs ? How to prevent the case of losing them ?

If Toad read Tfs definitions from Tfs.ini, then how he knew the definitions in prod db when the Tfs.ini was corrupted ?
If Toad know Tfs definitions without Tfs.ini, why I couldn’t login Tfs in dev db ?



Hi Yoav,

Can you provide a bit more information about what you mean when you say that you can’t log into TFS on the dev environment? Does Windows prompt you for a password? Are you receiving any error messages when you try to log on? Have you turned on VCS Debug Logging and looked in the log file to see what might be causing the issue? Not being able to log in could be caused by a number of different issues, so additional information would be helpful in order to diagnose the problem.

To answer your question, though, about where the definitions are read: if you’re using Team Coding in a team environment shared by multiple people (which is sounds like you are), the TFS connection information is stored in the database to which you’re connecting as an encoded value in the TC_OBJ_STORE column of the TCX_CONFIG table. The TFS.INI file will only contain the server information when used outside of Team Coding (for example, if you’re using file-based source control).

Can you try turning on VCS Debug Logging and see if you can reproduce the problem; and if you can, can you provide a bit more information about what errors you’re seeing and where you’re seeing them?




Hi John,

Thank you very much for your fast answer.

Yes - we use Team Coding in a team environment shared by multiple people.

The problem is like this: I try to check out a package and get an error message like - login to tfs failed “host not set” . I’m solving it temporary by copy Tfs.ini from another computer and then change there only the workspace name. After that toad success to login Tfs.

I will check about VCS Debug.