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TOAD screen Locks - possible bug

I just loaded the new BETA version today and have had two instances where the application would stop responding and not allow me to do anything through the application. Unfortunately it happens so quickly that I can’t give an exact accounting of the path I was going when it actually happened. It also doesn’t appear to happen in the same place. This particular incident occurred when I was going through the different options for displaying the connection Manager. I had it unpinned to the display > I then pinned it back to the left hand side of the screen, but when it unpinned it also had the Database browser split in the same side. So I had the Database Browser on the top and the Connection Manager on the Bottom. I didn’t need the Database browser so I clicked on the “X” to close the browser and that’s when it froze.

I’ve since killed the process (the only way to get rid of the window). I tried it again and it froze again. So it does seem reproducable, at least on my system with my configuration and customizations.

Database browser and what I meant is Object Explorer


Thank you very for posting. We reproduce it and create TSS-1184 to log this.We will try to fix soon and let you know if have any update.