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Toad Species in Captivity

I have two species of toads I am not sure about the exact species. I am reaching out to try to find out what species they are. They coexist in the same tank in a healthy manner and there has been no health problems or different species related stress. They are both females. Both have maintained a consistent eating habit and sleeping patterns.

Both toads

This is an example of both toads resting together.

This is the first toad, Zeek. I believe her to be a Great Plains Toad after researching locations and relative pictures. I have found whatever species she is is most exceptionally cared for by providing large soft woodchips for them to bury under so the dirt does not get in their eyes. They also like the temp around 70-77 degrees and a moderate-high level of humidity. As for human contact she does not shy away from a hand and will calmly sit in a hand for a relatively decent amount of time and doesn't seem disturbed by a human presence. She likes very active prey and is active during the day. She enjoys her bath and her favorite meal choices are crickets and spiders. Am I correct that this is in fact a Great Plains Toad?

This toad was introduced second, her name is Ruby. I believe her to be a fowlers toad. This toad particularly enjoys hiding under things vs burrowing. She is moderately active at both day and night. Her favorite prey is slow or even non moving prey. She will most readily eat a freeze dried insect over a live one she has to chase. She enjoys the same humidity as Zeek, but is slightly less prone to tolerate human contact. Does this describe a Fowlers toad?


I'm guessing that you meant to post to some forum about actual toads (the animal).

This forum is for Toad (the software).

Most of the users here know nothing about actual toads! :grin:

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