TOAD SS 6.5 and timeout

I use last version of TOAD SS 6.5 .

I connected to a SQL 2005 Express Edition with service pack 4 in italian Language.

On this DB there is active service broker feature.

With service broker I execute a bulk insert of about 4000000 of records.

During this operation I try to execute a select statement from sql editor and I receive this GPF/error from TOAD.

I konw the problem that when Service broker insert operations it lock the table and I can't operate with it, but before with TOAD SS 6.1 or Microsoft Management Studio all is OK.

Select query isn't executed until service broker release lock on it , but I don't obtain a GPF...

I attach screenshot of the message for details :

I stay tune for your consideration.

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Hi S.bertolotti,

Very sorry, bring you inconvenience, I’m sorry, we will look into this problem, but you said before with TOAD SS 6.1 or Microsoft Management Studio all is OK meams no error or can get resoult normal when execute a select statement?

I have created a task for TSS Team to look into it,TSS-733


Hi Wiki,

many thank’s for your support.

With TOAD SS 6.1 or Microsoft Management Studio, when I insert via service broker-bulkcopy 4000000 of records in the table, if I execute a stupid - select * from tablename - on the table where service broker insert the records, there is a lock and both TOAD SS 6.1 or SSM wait until the service broker ended the insert operation.

When insert was terminated, select was executed and all is OK. The grid show the results.

Now in TOAD SS 6.5 a GPF Error Lock appear, instead wait…

I hope this information can help you…

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