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TOAD SS 6.5 beta


There is a possibility to see a new version of TOAD 6.5 beta before the final release ?

If yes, when ?

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Is there another Beta drop forthcoming?


Hi J Fischer,

I don’t know if in the next days a new beta version of TOAD SS will be available…

From the begin of TOAD SS Bet 6.5 the situation of the beta release it’s very strange…

Probably someone of DELL’s developer can be more clear about this…

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Hi Sergio,

Yes, we plan to post a new Beta in the next days. Thank you very much!

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Hi Kelly,

many thank’s for your answer.

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Hello, is there any information on the final release date of 6.5?


How are any you even running a beta? I have just attempted to download the lastest beta and installed it and when I start it it says that the beta has expired. It is version Even when I start Toad it then points me to the new location for the beta and that is still the old version.


Hi Matt, the Beta is good for 30 days after each release. The latest beta got expired but the download link didn’t get deactivated. Just wait for the next beta release…