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Toad-SS - Auto Complete does not find fields on Update or select statements when the table name is Long


To the Toad-SS communities.

Please try this and let me know if I am making a mistake / completely doing
something wrong.

In either of the updates statement below the auto-complete software does not
look into the table to be updated for the field names.

If this is not a bug then please explain why!

Otherwise, please clock this issue as either a bug or a NFR, your choice.

It should be noted that Auto-Complete does not like Long table names on a SELECT
were the table name is already known, which I like to use, which maybe another
issue or par of the one I am reporting.

select (Cursor is here)

from DirectEnergy_ DirectDebitInfo_ TBC

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect

hfreeman@msn. com

678.414.0090 my cell Primary

Update the Administration. dbo.DirectEnergy _DirectDebitInfo _TBC


use Administration


update DirectEnergy_ DirectDebitInfo_ TBC