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Toad-ss Beta Crash Question - related to Alter Job as an independent process


David and Igor !

I was running a SQL server Beta 157 session, where I was altering a known
working job. The alter execution never finished and so I had to abort
Toad-SS-beta to regain control.

Since the alter job is what got hung and I could not kill just it, subsequently
the Toad-SS-Beta application got into a not responding state.

The Editor session recovered, but I was just wondering was there a way to have
captured the Toad application error so I could have sent same to you in a
support bundle…

Right now I have no idea why is crashed, but what I do know is that the job was
never altered. What I was changing was the @database_name and the
@database_user_ name as indicated below.

More importantly, what I find interesting and worthy of your thinking about is
if I had other important queries running in the background I would have lost
them as well. Therefore, what I would like your teams to consider is making Job
Alters and Job Creation an independent process so that control could be regained
and the aforementioned loss of background queries would not be affected.

If that had been the case I would have forced a Support bundle and sent it
along, hoping it might have been of value to you.

I look forward to your response.

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect

hfreeman@msn. com

678.414.0090 my cell Primary

USE [msdb]


DECLARE @JobID binary( 16 )

SELECT @JobID = CAST ( ‘046b36d7-c3a2- 4ee3-a3ed- 048175a79433’ AS

EXECUTE msdb.dbo.sp_ update_jobstep @job_id = @JobID , @step_id = 1 ,

@database_name = N ‘xxx_warehouse’ ,

@database_user_ name = N ‘dbo’

EXECUTE msdb.dbo.sp_ update_jobstep @job_id = @JobID , @step_id = 2 ,

@database_name = N ‘xxx_warehouse’ ,

@database_user_ name = N ‘dbo’