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Toad Team Coding SVN Very Slow

I have Team Coding setup on Toad 13.1 using Tortoise SVN and VisualSVN Server. Some days the checking out of objects take 3 - 5 seconds, other days the same check out is taking over a minute. Same with checking in.

At the moment there are only roughly 25 packages from the same schema in the repository and there are roughly 5 developers checking in/out the objects.

All SVN actions are extremely fast when I use the svn.exe through command line outside of Toad so I'm just wondering why Toad is taking so long and what can I do to fix it?

I am trying to set up Team Coding with Subversion. 13.1 Toad. 1.12.2 Tortoise SVN.

We have hundreds of objects and it takes too long to check out anything. To the point we won't be able to use this feature for our controlling processes.

Hi Niall and sdavis1,

First off, I see you both are new to Toad World: welcome both of you to the Toad World forums!

Toad for Oracle's Team Coding actually calls the svn command-line client in order to execute the individual tasks used within Team Coding. One thing you can do to try to identify why something may be taking a while is to enable "VCS debug logging" and/or "Log VCS commands in the output window" by going to "Team Coding -> Configuration -> User Settings" from the main Toad menu. You can then view the log either by looking in the output window or by clicking on the "Open log file" button on that same configuration page.

This kind of situation can be caused by a number of different things: latency between the client and SVN server, elevation privileges in Windows, time it takes to launch the svn client in a new command process, etc. To help troubleshoot the issue, if you'd like, feel free to enable those options and capture the log. Then feel free to open up a support ticket, or feel free to e-mail me directly. I'll send each of you a private message so that you can easily respond to me directly and we can attempt to track down and identify the performance issues you're experiencing.


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Evening All,

Is it possible that your anti-virus is kicking in and scanning the svn client executable when called from Toad? Has it been whitelisted?

Just thinking out loud.

Norm. [TeamT]

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