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Can we create hach file from Toad for SAP?

Can we export tables as pcp file?

Can we exported tables as inserted sql statements



is this for Autocad? We never researched the possibility and currently Toad cannot do it. Please, add your suggestion to the Idea Pond, so that we see if users are interested.

Right-click a table and select Send to Export Wizard and then select Output Format as SQL Script. You need to have a commercial license for this, it’s not possible in Freeware.


Thanks for your reply

what about createing hach table from Toad for SAP?


Can you write more information about that?



hashed tables are also used to extract data from standard SAP database tables by means of ABAP programs or ABAP objects. However, unlike other types of internal tables like standard or sorted, hash tables cannot be accessed using an index. As with database tables, hashed tables also require a unique key.

we can create this type of tables from Toad for SAP?


Yep, sorry you were writing “hach” before.

No, unfortunately HASH is not supported in Toad - you might edit your sql statements later in SQL Editor but it is not currently possible using a Database Object Editor.