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Toad's TB compare

In TOAD, when reviewing a db comparison, i noticed that the underscore is missing on the screen. i copy/pasted the lines from the COMPARE screen to notepad, and they are indeed there, but showing incorrectly. I would guess it's using a character set that doesn't identify the underscore, but can't locate where that is controlled. Anyone have any ideas?

PROCEDURE bld_tool_engr (p_tool_key IN xyz_tool_control.tool_key%TYPE,

is displaying as

PROCEDURE bld tool engr (p tool key IN xyz tool control.tool key%TYPE,

Is this what you are referring to? Compare files. viewing issue

Yes, thanks. I had changed the fontSIZE at some point, and apparently after that is when I noticed the missing underscores. After getting your note, I got inspired,
and I tried to play with it again, and if I go back to size 10 or smaller, the underscores appear. For an experiment, I moved the fontsize up to 16, and then the lines overlap each other. Apparently, they let us alter the fint size, but it isn’t updating
the distance allowed for each line. Not sure how to get Quest’s attention to look into this.

Was using “courier new”, btw.

You did that by posting here. :smiley:

Fixed for next beta.

awesome! hopefully this will make it out to us sight-challenged users soon! appreciate the quick response.