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Uninstalled previous beta, and removed its installation folder.
Removed the registry key HKLM\Software\Wow643Node\Quest Software\Sql Navigator 6.5.0.
Removed folder C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.5.0 Beta.

Installation folder: C:\OracleStuff\Quest Software
Not installed: Knowledge Xpert, Code Tester (so just SqlNav)

After installation, start up with the created shortcut.
First, the message “Error when re-opening…” (see screenshot) is shown (I’d expect it to ask to take over settings from 6.4.0 or 5.5.4, both installed).
After pressing “OK”, I get an access violation (see screenshot).
After confirming, I get the “Oracle logon” dialog.
But whatever combination of Oracle client/database I choose, the connection is not made (program just “hangs” after pressing the “OK” button in the “Oracle logon” dialog).

Killing and restarting SqlNav brings me back to the access violation.





Strange but true: I retried SqlNav with all installed Oracle clients, and now one did work (an Oracle10 client). I’ve made it the default client, and all seems OK - even the access violation that used to greet me upon starting SqlNav is gone…