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TPC-E buffer cache cleaning between different userloads iterations



Just i simple question. If I create TPC-E test with Quest Benchmark on my Oracle database with 3 different user loads in 3 iterations (first time 20 users, second time 40 users and third time 60 users), does Quest Benchmark make database buffer cache FLUSH, or does he simple continues executing next iteration with new user load, after finishing previous?



After completes an iteration BMF will first gather the iteration test results and do some result calculations. Then BMF will store these results into the repository and then continue with the next iteration simply by executing transactions. So BMF does not do any FLUSH of the cache. If that is desired you can place the commands you want to execute before or after an iteration in a file that BMF can execute. Click on the TPC-E Transaction Mix test and select the Options Tab in the right hand view and enter in the filename of the desired file to execute into either the pre-iteration or post-iteration fields. I hope this helps.