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The Below setup

Ubuntu 9.10 Server
MySQL 5.1
Dual Intel Xeon 5220 CPU’s


I installed Ubuntu and MySQL from scratch accepting all defaults and the TPC-E TPS result is 4.96 with 100 users.

In deference to previous advice, I am now more informed about taking TPS as a useful metric.

However - I swapped out the 320GB Sata Drive with a HighPoint RAID controller with 8 Intel Extreme Solid State Drive, and the TPS only went up tp 7.2.

Also some collegues have hinted that my TPS for both cases should be significantly larger.

I gotta believe that I am not I/O bound any longer -

Any suggestions or opinions on the results I am getting?


There was an article/review a few months back in Maximum PC Magazine where they showed that the throughput of PC class commercial SSD drives (nowhere near as good as enterprise level drives) yield almost no improvement when put into a RAID configuration using typical PC class RAID cards.

For example using a Rocket RAID 2640 with 8 SATA drives my IO is about 1/5th that if I replace the Rocket Raid with a server class RAID card (DELL PERC 5E).

So maybe using a GOOD RAID card with the SSD would yield better results. Basically it’s my experience that desktop class hardware doesn’t get much better than your results - maybe twice or three times your results - but that’s still anemic compared to results I get on similar server class hardware.