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Below is my setup

Ubuntu 9.10 Server
MySQL 5.1 Dual Intel Xeon 5220 CPU’s12GB DDR3 ECC REGDVDRW SATA


I installed Ubuntu and MySQL from scratch accepting all defaults and the TPC-E TPS result is 4.96 with 100 users.

The seems very low to me -

Any Suggestions?


You are IO bound - SATA (even with NCQ) is much slower than SAS drives (not to mention 15K versus 7200 RPM). You simply need more and better/faster disks - and maybe a RAID controller with RAM cache.


I added a 64G 3Gb/s SSD as the data drive yet there was no increase in TPS when running TPC-E. Is my system still I/O bound with respect to the speed of the drive, or does it seem like I might have a bottleneck elsewhere.



Please read this blog - and the many others on BMF - because I think they may help: