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I want to use BF to run the TPC-E benchmark.

The database I am using is MySQL

I can set up a DSN that points to the MySQL host by specifying the MySQL Host Name, a valid user name and corresponding password. Setting of a DSN via the ODBC admin tool did not require me to specify a data base name.

When I am creating a profile in BF is requires a DSN and a Database Name.

To run a TPC-E benchmark to I need to create the database on my own first and then let BF run against that database?

I thought that BF would create a target database automatically and then run the test and report the results.

Are my assumtions incorrect? Do I need to create a populated data base and then let BF run TPC-E against what I created, and if BF creates the Database for you what do you put in the database name field in the profile wizard?

Thanks for any help



BMF will create the tables and indexes for the tpc-e benchmark. It’s merely asking what database to place it in. So you need to create an empty database (create database command) and then tell BMF to create it’s stuff in that database.