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TPC-H Performance test with SQL Server 2012

Hi Friends,

I am new to BMF . Kindly just me how to calculate performance test with TPC-H .

I ahve connected 100GB volume in my windows server 2012 machine. If i want to know performance for 100GB LUN using TPC-H.

How much user load can i give and how many virtual users shall i specify .

My machine having 48GB RAM and QUad Core Processor server machine.Kindly do the needful

The TPC-H is a data warehouse type of test so it is extremely IO intensive. So if your goal is to determine the IO performance of the 100GB LUN then you should first start with the simple TPC-H Power Test, which is a single user test.

The multi-user test of the TPC-H is the Stream test and can be downloaded from this community. For this test each virtual user is called a stream and, according to specification, there is a maximum number of streams that you can have based on the scale factor (size of the TPC-H dataset) that you can run with. You will need to modify the test to the desired number of streams by deleting the user scenarios of the undesired streams. Please review the TPC-H specification for further information.

With all that said I can’t say what your virtual user/stream count will be for your system since there are too many other factors that affect performance. I would run the Power Test first and see if your disk is performing optimally. If so you can try the Stream test but start with just two streams, then three streams until you system performance is at a maximum.

Thanks Kevin…

I ahve doubt how do a power test . bcos i am not seeing any option like power test in BMF or how to configured that . Is any option to enable power test BMF…

To create a TPC-H Power Test just;

  1. Click on the New button in the toolbar

  2. Select next and then select to create a workload from an industry standard benchmark

  3. Select Next through the rest of the wizard pages. If you haven’t already created a profile, the connection information to the database you wish to test against, you will need to create a profile since the wizard will not allow you to create the test without one. When you click the New button where you should select a profile it will start the Profile wizard which will walk you throught the process of creating a profile. If you already have a profile created you can just select it and click next.

  4. When the wizard completes you will have a new job which will create all the required TPC-H objects (tables, indexes, etc.) required to run the TPC-H Power test as well as the Power test itselft. Just select the TPC-H Job and click the Run Job button.

Thanks a lot Kevin its very useful for me… since i am new to this BMF…