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TPCC - Target TPS



I am wondering if there is anyway, I can set desired TPS i.e. 2000 for TPCC test &
BMF tool will adjust interarrival/keying/think etc time for say 200 users?

Thanks in advance for possible solution.
We can try with many test & chaing above parameter. But looking to set Desired TPS & run one test only.




I’m sure one of the Quest people will respond if there is a setting for that - I haven’t found it. Instead I noticed that when a system is running well below its saturation point the scaling of TPC-C users is very close to linear. With that in mind you can calculate a TPS/user number, and simply start the number of users you need to hit the target TPS. It’s a little more difficult than having a target TPS setting - but it has worked well for me.

Hope this helps.



There is no way within BMF to set the TPS level and have BMF automatically adjust the number of users and transaction submittal rates. You can however, after some calculations, control the transaction submittal rate by using interarrival thinktime so that you can have, for the most part, a guaranteed TPS rate.

For your case you want a TPS of 2000 with 200 virtual users. Therefore you would need to set the interarrival thinktime to 200 / 2000 = 0.1 seconds (100 ms) as shown in the image. This would give you a TPS value of 10 for every VU and thus 2000 TPS at 200 users. Now for the disclaimer. This only works if the time it takes the transaction to execute is less than the interarrival rate. So as long as the TPC-C transactions take less than 100 ms to execute, you will get the TPS rate desired.
Interarrival Thinktime.jpeg