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Transaction model in 1.8 vs 2.5


I’ve been on QCTO 1.8 for a long time and now I’m evaluating 2.5. Has the transaction model changed?

In 1.8, I would put in some code in the unit test initialization section and commit it. Then in the unit test cleanup section I would undo what I did in the initialization section and commit it. I think I had to commit in order for the changes to be visible in all the test cases. I typically have my init/cleanup at the unit test level, not the test case level…but in some cases there is extra init/cleanup code at the test case level.

Now when upgrading to 2.5 I’m getting all kinds of errors related to the initialization and cleanup.

Maybe I’ve always been confused about this. When does the generated test code commit and/or rollback?

If I’m doing it wrong, what pattern should I be following for init/cleanup code?



A 1.8 stalwart! That was a fine, fine version…from a long time ago.

Can you please tell us what “all kinds of errors” mean?

Also, the rollbacks and commits that occur on a test case basis are settable for each test case. May I suggest you navigate to a test case and see if they are set as you would like?

If you are doing your own commits in the initialization and cleanup, I don’t see how that would interfere with the actual test processing. But clearly something is going on.

It sounds like you still have 1.8 up and running. Perhaps you could send me ( the test package from 1.8 and 2.5 and I can take a look through them.

Thanks, SF