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which transaction is used during benchmark standard test, if the test run query or what?

and if the test run query which SQL statements is used?



The type of SQL statement or statements which are executed when Benchmark Factory executes a transaction from one of the standard benchmarks are dependent on the standard benchmark specification and to some degree the database under test. To see what the various specifications say as to the SQL to execute please review the different specifications. (like


please i didn’t get the points

if i choose TPC-C benchmark which involves a mix of five concurrent transactions

The TPC-C database consists of the following tables:










please i want to know concept where this tables is created on test databases server or where?



The tables and all other objects required to run the benchmark transactions are created on the database server as specified by the BMF Connection. And for an example, if you are running the TPC-C against an SQL Server database, the benchmark creation creates stored procedures which are used by the transactions. So for the New Order transaction, when BMF executes this transaction it calls the C_SP_New_Order stored procedure and processes the returned result set.

You may want to look at the help file, it contains information to give you the concept on how BMF works and it’s architecture.


Thanks for your reply

after the test is complete, we want to drop all tables and objects was created by benchmark on test database after testing, how can i do that?


The easiest way is to create a Delete Benchmark Objects step, either as the last step of the job which does the test or as a separate job which can be run. The Delete Benchmark Object can be created using the new job wizard or, while editing a job, select add another Test/Step.


Thanks a lot for your kind support