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Trial use Q for multiple dbs


I am using the SQL ODBC connection for set up of a RE.

I can extract a single db to a .dm2 file. Now i want to put a second and third db on the same .dm2 file. Is that possible?

My current system has 9 dbs for a very narrow base of data. Users has all the customer data, and Orders has all the Order Header Data. Offering has all the order details , Discounts has all the discount schemes.

I wanted to model the interaction between the dbs so I could get working on a DW model.

Is this possible, or is it because the postback of changes to a db would get all confused whit multiple dbs?




Hello Stephen,

I’m not exactly sure if I understand well. Anyway, do you mean model update?

You reverse engineer your db to TDM 3 -> a new model is created. Then you make some changes in your database and need to update the existing model in TDM 3. - Yes, this is possible. You will simply open the existing model and select Model | Model Update.
The model update features consists of reverse engineering + model merge.
Feel free to check it out.

Note: You write about dm2 files. However, I think you mean .txp file (txp in TDM 3).

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.




Thanks for the reply.

I made a mistake by stating my request in the BETA group. I downloaded the standard tool if that means any difference.

At this time I am NOT writing back to the db(s). In the future I imagine that I will.

Currently I just want to map the small dbs into a single document and add the necessary links between the dbs that exist.

I do want to merge the separate systems into a centralized DW, and that is what my initial task is.

We are a job shop where a single order can be directed to 1-N recipients. That same order can have a lifespan as well as be updated over time. Tracking those changes is not important at this time :), because it’s the clients property not ours. We have to keep every version separate but that is already done.

I have a db for Clients based around a marketing POV. I have an Ordering db that is focused on orders placed with our breakdown of an order. I have an Addressing system as well as a Shipping system that maintain who gets what and how it got there.

You can see that I am hopping dbs for access to tables all the time. I want to combine all these dbs into a single model which will hopefully keep me from making a wrong decision in the beginning about how I am going to set up the DW.



Hello Stephen,

I made a mistake by stating my request in the BETA group. I downloaded the standard tool if that means any difference.

In any case, feel free to check out TDM 3 Beta. Except the model update feature, it allows you to create workspaces where you can work with parts of your model. See e.g. the sample model Videorental where there is WS All Items where all objects of the model are included, and then Ordering WS, Borrowing WS etc. containing appropriate parts of the main model.
(File | Open Samples.)

TDM 3 also allows you to merge models. You can have an Adressing model, Ordering model etc. and can merge them at your convenience - select what items should be merged, what should be ignored during the model merge, if you like to apply the change in model A or B (concurrent merge is possible) etc.
See the Model menu | Alter Scripting, Merge Models.

See the Help file | Modeling | Model Merge and Model Conversion | Convertor topics for some details.
Documentation is available at:

Do not hesitate to watch some instructional movies to see how TDM 3 works (e.g. workspaces, shortcuts of objects etc.):

To sum up: Stephen, feel free to check out the TDM 3 features (model merge etc.) to see if they meet your needs. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!