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Trigers firing before commit: request



This is a problem I have already from sometime:
when inserting several rows (i made add rows several times) I can navigate between those rows filling the columns but if I navigate to an already committed row (for instance to make copy of a column value) the trigger the before insert trigger get fired

that also happens when editing a row and changing to another row

Also checking of null in not null fields is made

Couldn’t that be postponed to the commit?

I realize that SQLNav is doing insert/update when changing the row, my request is to have and option for that to happen only when leaving the table grid or commiting


Filipe Silva
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Hi Filipe,

The reason SQLNav inserts/updates rows when changing the row is that we didn’t want the user who enters a lot of data to discover that it can’t be inserted into the table because of constraints. It would be very frustrating! However, I understand your request and we are going to discuss it at our next CCB.